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Which events can I report?
Which events can I report?
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Forza Football Reporter offers a lot in terms of different stats and events to report. It can be tricky to decide how much or how little you, as a reporter should report. What we, at Forza, see as the minimum when reporting a game is to:

    1. Start the match, enter half-time and to end the match
    2. Specify line-up for your own team
    3. Report Goals

That being said, fans, friends and family love to get as much details as possible. We hence also recommend and encourage you to:

   4. Specify goalscorers and assist-makers for every goal
   5. Report Cards, Substitutions and Injuries

NOTE: Adding more details will create richer, sharable social media graphics and more information to push notifications.

If you go to the third tab, Stats. You will find all those extra stuffs to report. Stats such as Possession, Shots, Corners & Freekicks.

While we love to see our reporters reporting these, we understand that it can be quite tricky and it is not something we demand from you.

Bear in mind that our system will automatically show an even, 50-50, distribution of possession unless you report it.

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