During December we have been testing out a new feature called Discover for some users in the UK. This is the first real test of the feature to see whether users find it interesting or not.

So far everything has exceeded our expectations, with only a few couple of bugs, but overall satisfied users.

We have now finished the first round of testing, and will take a break over the holidays to improve the feature from all feedback you have given us.

During the holidays a feature called "Forza Challenge" will take its place. This is a game we have tried out in other countries such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and some other locations. We will run it together with Unibet, and you will be able to win big prizes from predicting matches!

We really hoped that you enjoyed Discover, and promise you that Discover will be back in the beginning of next year, better than before.

Give us more feedback
We would love even more feedback on Discover from you!
Contact me at andreas@forzafootball.com
Or through the support:

  • In the Android app all you have to do is press 'Settings' and then 'Contact Us'
  • For iOS, there is an extra step, press 'Settings' then 'Help' and then 'Contact Us.'

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