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What is the difference between Home and Calendar?
What is the difference between Home and Calendar?
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At the moment, you might wonder what the difference between the Home and Calendar tabs is as they seem quite similar.

That is because the Home tab is currently in phase one of a long-term plan.Β 

In the future, we are aiming to make the Home tab a one-stop shop filled with news, videos and insight about your absolute favourite teams.

It will show more than just results and upcoming fixtures, it will act as a hub for all kinds of useful things fans want to know about their most loved teams.

Calendar is a place to check results, it is a place for all the matches, teams and competitions that interest you, home is just for the teams you love.

As an example, you might support Manchester City but want to see Manchester United's results as they are Manchester City's direct rivals.

If you put them in Home you might get special videos about Manchester United, reports about them and news about them, things which, as a Manchester City, fan you wouldn't want to see.

The difference then is Calendar is a place for results and Home is a place for everything about a club.

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