It is very easy to set up notifications for a specific team but the process differs slightly depending on if you have the Android or the iOS version of the app.


Use the search function to find the team you want notifications for then click on their name to be taken to their match page. 

From there you will see a small bell in the top right hand corner, click on that and then you will be able to choose between setting 'Custom Notifications' or 'Default Notifications.' (For more info on default notifications, click here)

Here is a video that shows you how to subscribe to notifications for a specific team:


As with Android, you need to search for the team you want to set notifications for and click on their name to get to their match page.

One of the options on a team's match page is labelled 'Notifications' click on that and then you will see a list of toggles you can turn on and off depending on which notifications you would like to recieve.

Here is a video:


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